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Introduction Selected Finds Search Reports Miscellaneous Visitor's Corner About Me


Introduction Selected Finds Search Reports Miscellaneous Visitor's Corner About Me

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Metal detecting and archaeology in Bavaria,Germany

Dear visitor,

welcome to this website. It describes the thrill of private archaeology using a metal detector, shortly called metal detecting. The searches took place in Central Europe, especially in Bavaria, southern Germany.

Autor with metal detector

Over the years I have found many historical places and items ranging from Roman coins and fibulas to a cannon ball of Napoleon to cached rifles of World War 2.

Unlike other private metal detecting websites this one is not merely a collection of finds. Here the detector is used as a tool for an archaeological prospection. Finds are mapped and conclusions are drawn from the find distribution pattern, similar to a crime scene investigation. This is described in multi page search reports providing maps and background information.

Besides description of my own finds and searches various articles concerning miscellaneous topics related to the treasure hunting and history riddles are included.

Military archaeology

Wars always played a decisive role in history. Therefore special emphasis is placed on battlefield metal detecting and military archaeology ranging from Napoleon to World War 2, including found firearms, bayonets and other military items.

Found World War 2 equipment

Weapons left behind by the 7th SS Volunteer Mountain Division 'Prinz Eugen' at the end of world war 2.

Main sections

Introduction This chapter explains the philosophy of this website, the information it contains and why it was created.

Selected Finds Top metal detecting finds of all kinds and periods.

Search Reports Verbose stories of complete metal detecting searches. Preparation, search, finds, and conclusions.

Miscellaneous Metal detecting and treasure hunting topics.

Visitor's Corner News and surveys.

About Me The author.

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