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This website features finds of weapons or weapon parts. While ground find weapons are usually not operational they might still be weapons according to national weapon law. All weapons on this website have either been handed over to the authorities (Kreisverwaltungsreferat Munich or Munich police) or have been legalized according to German weapon law, e.g. by being disabled by a certified gunsmith. For authenticity, most pictures show weapons prior to the gunsmith’s modifications. ADVENTURE HISTORY must stress that failure to legalize weapon finds might result in legal prosecution.

The copyright owner of all content on this website is Thorsten Straub unless noted otherwise. Every effort was made to assure no foreign copyrighted material was used on this website without permission of the right owners. If you are the right owner of copyrighted material and find that your material was used on this website without your permission please contact me by email. Your material will be removed immediately or your copyright message will be added, whatever you prefer.

I refuse responsibility for any foreign linked content on other websites. At the time the link was set the foreign content was not questionable. It is not feasible to constantly monitor linked websites. I will immediately remove any link if it is brought to my attention that the linked content is questionable.

Thorsten Straub, June 2006

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