Area below fortress

Area below fortress

I left the fortress and climbed carefully down the hill toword the area covered by my search permissions.



It seems the caves there are at least occasionally occupied by homeless or adventurous people. I found the remains of a sleeping back. Caves are unusual in my search area. This one contained no metal except modern nails and many low denomination coins from the 1980s and 1990s.

Rugged Landscape

Rugged Landscape.

Further down the landscape was unusually rugged as mentioned earlier. There were countless small hills, just 10 m high. Probably the result of erosion and the last ice age. Just the right place for adventurous boys of any age.

Landscape Impression 1


The local, gravel-like rock.

Landscape Impression 2

Tree at Hang.

Sometimes gravity forces trees to grow in usual ways.

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