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This section gives a brief introduction to the site’s various functions. This account was written to help new readers to check in the quickest possible way whether this site has interesting information or not. Readers new to the internet will find it particularly useful.


Startpage resp. Homepage.

This website comprises three versions of the same content. Besides a) the normal version there is b) a plain text version without pictures and c) a printer friendly version.

The plain text version, also called accessibility version, is e.g. useful for disabled people who use speech synthesizer software to let it read texts for them. Also, it is used by all users who put no emphasis on pictures and wish the shortest possible loading time. The link to get to the text version is labeled “text version” and is only found in the top right corner of the pictured homepage resp. startpage. See mark #1 on the picture.

You can get to the start page from all pages by clicking on the “Adventure History” link in the top left corner. See mark #3 on the picture. Or you enter “” in into your browser’s address window.

A link to the printer version is found in the bottom right corner of all pages. See mark #2 on the picture.

Virtually all pictures on this web site can be enlarged by clicking on them. To allow fast loading a small version is shown at first. See mark # 4.

How to find information?

Navigation Tools.

This is the most important question on every web site. There are several ways. All of them are directly accessible on every page on this site. There is the usual menu as well as a group of links and tools in the top right corner.

The articles on this site are divided into chapters. It is important to know that some of the means described below will only list main titles, others will only list chapter titles and some will work on all sorts of titles and text.

The Menu.
All topics are logically structured by a three layer menu. This menu allows you to access the beginning of the articles. Here you find a table of content with further links to the individual chapters. To avoid a over complex menu the chapter titles have not been inserted into the menu. So directly from the menu you can only get to the beginning of a story, not to a specific chapter. This is no problem as you will find the table of content at the beginning.

Main Topics A-Z
See mark #1 on the picture. Here you will find all menu topics, i.e. article titles, in alphabetical order. This is the place to look if you cannot remember where in the menu a certain article was located but remember the article’s title or at least the beginning of it. As only the topics listed in the menu are available chapter titles cannot be found here.

Subchapters A-Z
See mark #2 on the picture. If you know the chapter title you can find the content here even if you forgot the title of the article. To allow this search method I tried to keep even chapter titles unique. For example, rather than calling the introduction chapters of 30 accounts all alike “Introduction” I tried to differentiate.
This list only contains chapter titles. It is the only search help for chapter tiles. The titles of the entire article are not listed here but can be found in the menu or in Main Topics A-Z or in the sitemap.

See mark #3 on the picture. The well known sitemap is nothing but a list of links to all main topics arranged in a hierarchical structure. As with the menu or Main Topics A-Z subchapters are not included in the sitemap.

Search Engine
See mark #4 on the picture. Here you can enter a single word, several words and even word fractions. Click on the symbol of a magnifying glass and the entire content is searched. Regardless whether the search text belongs to a main title, a chapter title or just text, it will be found here. A very easy and convenient way. Often you will get more than one hit and have to check manually but still it is a fast way of searching.

Subchapter Navigation

Chapter Navigation Arrows.

To get to next or previous chapter please use the small red arrows in the bottom right corner of the page. Though these arrows are placed near the “Printer Version” link they are not associated at all with printing.
If you wish to get to a distant chapter it is faster to get to the article’s table of content using the menu and then chose the desired chapter.

Printable version